“Dreamer” An embodiment of the immigrant experience.

We painted a mural to make our community more aware of the immigrants in Sonoma County, their beautiful presence in our community, and the power of unity as one.

With the collaboration of Art Start Santa Rosa, Montgomery High Schools art department, and many other organizations, we brought to life the 12 by 32 ft transportable piece. The mural was painted and funded entirely by members of our community, and the mural itself was designed by Rima Makaryan, an immigrant herself, and a member of our team. To learn more about the project please check out the amazing video below!

The mural is now ready for public display, located in a hidden part of Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa. Soon, however, we plan on bringing it to a more accessible, and are currently looking for a structural engineer to help us design a framing mechanism to attach it to a wall.   

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