Adopt A Mural!

Sometimes our artists are inspired to create mural designs without having a specific home in mind!

Below is our gallery of completed designs desperately searching for their future homes. Take a look and get in touch with us if you might be able to provide a public space for one of them. We are very flexible and can accommodate all kinds of walls, surfaces, sizes, and even make adjustments to the design if needed. There is also the option of creating temporary and transportable murals.

Plus, you do NOT need to provide funding (although help with fundraising is much appreciated). Enjoy our work and we hope to be able to work with you to bring public art into YOUR neighborhood. Email us at or call us at 707-339-8727 to get in touch!

“Best of both worlds” By Rima Makaryan. A celebration of the power of genuine community service.
“A portrait of power” By Rima Makaryan. Depicting local icon Dmitra Smith, rockstar, former chair of the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights, and Co-Founder of Save Your IV.
“Let us dream” by Rima Makaryan. A testament to the fundamental right to freedom to dream that everyone should have.
“Together” by Rima Makaryan. (Detail). Representing the safety, beauty, and sacredness of the mother-child bond that has been threatened so unjustly.