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Compiling a list of CVA violators

With the current policy of the Trump administration, ICE is pressuring local sheriffs to provide information to ICE to support their attack on immigrants and their communities in the USA. In 2017, former governor of California Jerry Brown signed the California Values Act, intended to prevent local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE. Despite this, numerous sheriffs in northern and southern California are continuing to cooperate with ICE in defiance of California law. While the Sonoma County Sheriff doesn’t cooperate with ICE, neighboring Marin County passionately cooperates with ICE to oppress immigrant communities. At socoIMM, we believe that immigrants have the right to be safe in their homes and their communities, which is why we are actively working to create a list on our website where we document all the sheriffs departments that violate the CVA and cooperate with ICE. If you are aware of a local sheriff that cooperates with ICE, please contact us at so we can list said county on our active list. Together we have the power to hold these violators accountable.

The following list is under construction and constantly being updated thanks to YOUR input!

Marin County Sheriff – (information about the sheriff’s countless violations of human rights, including but not limited to deporting immigrants based on charges and not convictions, separation of families, dismissal of allegations, and creation of a pipeline from jail to deportation)

Sheriff Robert T. Doyle

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