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Share your story!

We are actively looking for immigrants who are willing to share their stories with us. One of our goals is to show who immigrants are, so that people may better understand what it means to be one in the US. However, we also understand that this is something that is personal, and often times a risk for those who are undocumented, thus we will not share identities or any personal information unless the individual allows us to. 

If you or someone you know is an immigrant (documented or undocumented) who wants to submit a story to be displayed here, please contact our team at

Your story may be shared through The Butterfly Project, where each butterfly represents the story of an immigrant.

Another way these stories may be shared are through one of our short films. An example of such a film is found below. The following video highlights the importance of DACA to young undocumented immigrants in our communities and the importance of the rights granted to them by DACA to study, work, and reside legally to have a better future.

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Our Mission

Sonoma County has been and continues to be a county of immigrants. In today’s volatile political climate, the basic rights of immigrants are being violated. We believe that immigrants are a key part of our society and economy and we refuse to allow such injustices to continue. We believe that people outweigh politics and that protecting the human rights of immigrants should not be a partisan affair. We envision a future in which immigrants are celebrated for their invaluable presence in our society, and a future in which our undocumented peers no longer have to live in fear and hiding.