Art for Armenia

Armenia is a country that has faced challenge after challenge that has crippled many of the structures that are meant to support their people, and the new generation- their young children- are being impacted the hardest.

After regional armed conflicts on the brink of genocide, earthquakes, corrupt governments and more, the Armenian people are being kept in a constant state of disempowerment despite the huge strength of their cultural heritage and collective.

Villages in Armenia often times have a single school and offer very little opportunity for children to receive quality education let alone be exposed to anything other than agriculture and home keeping. The Monarch Project is aiming to provide arts education and hands on arts activities for children through the principles and framework of public art.

We will be partnering with Little Star Charitable Foundation who has been working in villages like this within the Lori Province for many years helping the community by offering basic necessities as skill and independence building projects.

We hope not only to help broaden horizons and offer opportunity, but to empower kids to achieve their fullest potential by helping to rewrite their own narratives. We are currently in the process of fundraising to kick off this project in the summer of 2021.

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