SCAPE Mural Project

The Monarch Project is happy to host a SCAPE mural project: Sonoma County Artists Propelling Equity. Below is a brief description of the group and their mission:

We are a grassroots collective featuring BIPOC community artists. Our goal is to create public art in Sonoma County that challenges all systems of oppression.

We want to uproot and expose the unhealthy greed, fear, and hatred that has been used to keep people from joining together and rising up. We want to decolonize the broken-down system that serves the ruling class and restructure a new way of life. We want to repaint imagery of community power that reveals the true beauty and innate intelligence of diversity.

Our community is crying out for social and political change. If you want to be a part of that change and would like to see social justice art in Sonoma County there are several ways you can help:


The funds will be used to pay our artists for their work and for supplies needed. Click here to donate through our GoFundMe! You can also donate directly through PayPal!

Offer Space

Please let us know if you have access to a public space that our mural(s) could go up on: storefronts, libraries, schools, etc, essentially any big wall we would be able to paint on. Please let us know if you have access to such spaces!

The work of some of our artists can be found at @fevzzz on Instagram and our website shows a lot of the work of the Monarch Project. If you are a BIPOC or immigrant artist who is interested in contributing, please email us at Once an official design or set of designs is confirmed we will be post it on this page.

We greatly appreciate your generosity in helping us take this step towards uprooting injustice in order to ensure our community is a safe and welcoming home for all BIPOC, all who are undocumented and all LGBTQI+ folks.